The Music
Tony Adams, Drums, Percussions, Studio Tech, Producer, Vocals, Song Writer, Arranger and a musicians musician. Tony has worked with the Big Rock bands to the small label bands; his
work ethic is always the same 110 percent all time. What he brings to The Pocket Rockets is very valuable and if you’ve heard any of the CD’s you’ll know what we’re talking about. Tony is
a team player and leader.
Morris Cummings aka ”Blind Mississippi Morris” ,Vocals, Harmonica and Song Writer who can suck the reeds clean out of a harmonica and ferocious  vocals bring a Blues song back
to the days of Howlin Wolf. Morris was raised in the Blues next door to Howlin’ Wolf’s Mom and heard Sonny Boy Williamson number ii “Rice Miller” as a child along with his Uncle Robert
and Aunt Mary Diggs. Morris says when he delivers a song if you don’t believe it how anybody else is going to.
Brad Webb, Producer, engineer, Mixer, Guitar Tech, Songwriter, Guitarist and sometimes Bass player, brings the whole package together and if you’ll give The Pocket Rockets a listen you’ll
hear it. Brad first heard the Blues live at the Overton Park Shell in the late 60’s and took the Blues very serious like a family heirloom.
Dan Cochran, Bass guitar, vocals, songwriter, arranger and all around coolheaded human being (you know there has to be one in the mix) Dan’s Dad played guitar and pedal steel so his ears
were opened up at an early age.  Like superman, Dan is mild mannered by day and a Superman on Bass guitar, always coming up with Super Bass lines.
Russell Wheeler, Piano, vocals and B-3 organ.  I met Russell on Beale ST, where I met Morris.  Russell was taken on the road by Junior Wells at the age of 19.  He loved the Blues from a
teenager and you can tell it if you ever see him perform-“Russell be all over it” Russell shows up on our second CD “Bad To Worse”, which some people say is the best.
In the last 22 years, Ive had the pleasure of working with some of Memphis and the surrounding areas finest musicians, young and old, male or female and I loved playing and recording music
with everyone of them and I hope you enjoy it too.
Brad Webb and Friends  was really
just a tip of the hat to my old
friends;some are no longer with us, like
Uncle Ben, Joe Turner, Roosevelt
Briggs, Joel Schumacher and Ollie
NIghtengale.  The recording quality is
not state of the art but the songs are
timeless and we had a great time
recording them.
Brad Webb and Friends II is really a
follow up from the first CD.  Willie
Foster, along with Ollie Nightengale,
Uncle Ben, John Weston, Richard
Hite, and Joe Turner are no longer with
us but the songs are.  Tony Adams,
Robert Nighthawk, and Dan Cochran
are a big part of the studio team.
Brad Webb and Friends III has
special guest Blind Mississippi
Morris, Ollie Nightengale, Joe
Turner, Howard Grimes, Uncle Ben
and Miss Zeno, just to name a few
Memphis greats that appear on this
Brad Webb and Friends IV, once again
all my Memphis comrades and me,
fortunately everyone was still living when
this one came out.  Eddie Juke from
Mansfield UK is still a Memphis man to